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Investment fund with consulting, research and development functions to support startup projects. Known as one of the pioneering units to support projects from the first stages of development.

Democratic Venture

Alpha Capital is a democratic venture formation that offers potential investment opportunities that individual investors cannot obtain to its community in the form of dao work.

Strong Community
Connected, organized and collaborative society from first day to the last day.
At project beginning, Alpha Capital assumes a leading role, guiding document creation, marketing strategy, and fundraising, actively engaging in every operation and strategy.
This service offers tailored marketing and business advisory, including Document Review (Tokenomics, Whitepaper, Litepaper, Pitch Deck, One Pager), Marketing Strategy, and Network Sharing.
Potential Collaborations
Being able to announce our project to everyone easily with more than +100 secure and strong capital and launchpad connections.
PR and Marketing
Transparent and intimate contents with more than +600 influencers.
Topflight Content Editor
Tokenomics and papers planning down to the smallest detail.
Solid Report
Affordable yet intensive security audits of smart contracts.
Actual and Indispensable Experience Press
The best voice comes from the pen of the strongest writers.
Ease of Listing
Richest content shares and deals with over +65 top-tier exchanges.


At Alpha Capital, we continue to make contributions to the crypto world with innovative projects in our portfolio.

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