Polygen X Alpha Capital Partnership

Polygen and Alpha Capital form a strategic partnership to collaborate on project fundraising

Polygen is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Alpha Capital. We are developing a collaboration to guarantee that initiatives supported by the Polygen Launchpad have access to the best resources. Alpha Capital assists investors in locating high-quality opportunities in the technology investment sector. They assist early-stage firms by offering consultations, research and development functions to projects.

Alpha Capital is a decentralised community fund, functioning as a DAO. They offer potential investment opportunities that are out of the bounds of individual investors. They return benefits to their supporters in the form of reflections, token buybacks and dividends. Further, empowering the supporters with appropriate returns on their investments.

As a corollary of this collaboration, Alpha Capital will work with Polygen to facilitate project fundraising. The Alpha Capital team will assist Polygen with raising funds for projects on the Polygen launchpad. They are going to strengthen the support for the projects. This collaboration will pave the way for both, Polygen and Alpha Capital to assure the success of the incoming ventures.

We at Polygen, are excited to work with Alpha Capital and look forward to bringing more wonderful initiatives to our community. Through this partnership, Polygen will be able to broaden the scope of our offerings. We provide more than a platform for initiatives to raise money; we also offer users access to vital tools and consultants that will make the projects successful.

About Alpha Capital

Alpha Capital is an investment fund with consulting, research and development functions to support start-up projects. Known as one of the pioneering units to support projects from the first stages of development.

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About Polygen

Polygen is a decentralized, permissionless launchpad natively built for Polygon. Guided by crypto’s ethos of decentralization, Polygen enables projects to experiment and innovate free from the obstruction of gatekeepers — anyone can launch any project with no fees. Its goal is to set a new benchmark where projects are valued by their productivity, innovation, and success rate.

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