Magic Square Welcomes Alpha Capital as Early Investor to Create Seamless App Experience in Web3

Magic Square Welcomes Alpha Capital as Early Investor to Create Seamless App Experience in Web3

We are excited to announce that Alpha Capital will join Magic Square as an early investor in KOL fundraising! The strategic partnership between Magic Square and Alpha Capital will drive growth and expansion across the globe. Their experience and expertise will help Magic Square to prosper in its mission to bring a unified crypto experience all in one place. Magic Square is here to simplify crypto for everyone, providing a user-friendly and secure platform with community-vetted crypto applications.

We gladly announce a partnership with Magic Square which is one of the promising projects. With growing experience, community, and connection, no doubt that this partnership will benefit both partners in the best way. — Alpha Capital

While we are on our way to launching a fully functioning app store — we’ve moved into our initial Beta Phase I with 5,000 invitees to test out the core functionalities! As we are improving the in-store experience based on the valuable feedback we received, you can still sign up to be one of us here!

About Alpha Capital

Alpha Capital is an investment fund with consulting, research, and development functions to support startup projects. Known as one of the pioneering units to support projects from the first stages of development.

We connect the projects and investors, managing digital assets to investors to find quality projects in the WEB3 and other technology investment market.

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About Magic Square

Magic Square is a decentralized solution that simplifies Crypto.

Users can discover dApps, CeFi and DeFi, NFTs, Games, and much more in one place with an intuitive design.

The Crypto App Store is a Web3 solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism with clear earning metrics to incentivize the participation of validators, creators, and users.

Users can access all of the community vetted content with one click using the MagicID (Decentralized ID). This multi-chain wallet solution aims to become the Web3 alternative to Google or Apple connect.

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