Himitsu Capital announces Alpha Capital as a strategic partner🏔

Alpha Capital x Himitsu Capital

Himitsu Capital is happy to onboard the Alpha Capital as a strategic partner. From this partnership we will aim to provide valuable guidance and expertise to start-ups that look to enter the ever-growing cryptocurrency markets.

About Alpha Capital👇

Alpha Capital is an investment fund with consulting, research and development functions to support start-up projects. Known as one of the pioneering units to support projects from the first stages of development.

Alpha Capital selects potential projects, projects that provide great benefits for the technology industry can apply benefit to life. They monitor and develop projects and organizations connect business partners to potential projects. Supporting project calling projects, connecting venture capital funds. Completing the project to bring the project to a successful international trading floor.

They have a vision that digital assets, and in particular, decentralized financial applications will play an important role in the background. The economy will work in the future. Currently they invest in projects in the
early stages are actively developing scalable solutions in decentralised financial ecosystems, cross-chain ecosystems. together.

Alpha Capital social links below👇

Website: https://alphacapital.financial

twitter: https://twitter.com/alphacapital_vc?s=21&t=zEJoeAyUtqZ0dKcxkzZJ-A

Telegram: https://t.me/alphacapital_vc

About Himitsu Capital🏔

Himitsu is an institution built on the decentralised financial market that supports blockchain start-ups and helps them grow to their full potential. Our group of private investors aims to target the most innovative and hyped projects in the many ecosystems in Crypto as a whole.

Our team has extensive experience in the world of crypto as we have a range of investors to power users with great understanding of both CeFi and DeFi which will allow us to understand projects and drive them in the right direction unlocking their full potential.

Every day Himitsu Capital is inspired to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and goals. We aim to establish the greatest platform for project founders and assisting them through their stages of development.

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